Keyring Razor Knife HOWTO

My “Mack the Knife” mods, 1 & 2, are the world’s smallest razor knives which take standard, single edge razor blades so they are easy to keep perpetually razor sharp, literally. The DIY construction is easy, fast, inexpensive, and requires only simple hand tools [+drill needed for mounting hole]. The raw “box cutter” Mack 2 is cut down from can be found in many hardware and office supply stores. It’s VERY sharp and quite useful for many everyday tasks.

“Disguised” knives are illegal to street carry in some places, including California and the UK, so check your local laws and don’t leave knifes where children may gain access to them. Always wear eye protection, including bystanders, when constructing metal tools especially with metal like this which can spray razor sharp shrapnel if it accidentally snaps. Since this actually once happened to me, I have decided to make this video age-restricted since it discusses a potentially dangerous activity. Always keep razor knives out of reach of children.

If you like my video, please pass the link on to others who you think would dig it. Thanks.
I buy the donor knives on Amazon. Search for: Tach-It Model-L All Metal Tap Knife (Pack of 12)

Post time: Oct-21-2017
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